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Have you ever been working on an article in Joomla and lost all your progress because when you finally went to save everything your session had timed out? You can avoid that happening by using AutoSave for Joomla. Here's a big shout out to Roger Creagh-Osborne for reviving this plugin (forking it from "CtrlS" by Chupurnov Valeriy.) How to setup and use "AutoSave" is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.




- Introduction: Tim Davis presents a Joomla-related live stream.
- Plugin: There's a plugin called "autosave" available in the Joomla Extension Directory (JED).
- Autosave Function: Autosave plugin prevents losing progress due to session timeout while working on a Joomla article.
- Configuration: Plugin has settings for autosave frequency (e.g., every 10 seconds), Ctrl+S keystrokes, and author assignments.
- Autosave Period: Autosave interval should be shorter than Joomla session time (e.g., session time 15 minutes = 900 seconds).
- Usage Quirks: Autosave doesn't occur unless changes are made to the article. If autosave is set too frequently (e.g., 10 seconds), it quickly fills version history.
- Autosave Impact on Versions: Frequent autosaves create numerous versions in a short span.
- Managing Versions: Versions can be manually saved as permanent, but excessive versions might clutter the history.
- Long-Term Benefit: Autosave prevents losing progress even if a session times out, enhancing article creation experience.

Note: This summary captures the key points from the transcript, but some context and details might be omitted due to the nature of summarization.

Monday Maintenance 071


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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