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People who are already logged into your Joomla site do not need to see a login link or login form. In this video I show you how to hide those things from people who are logged in.

Monday Maintenance 268

 - The video is about hiding a login link or form for users who are already logged into a Joomla website.
- The video is part of "Maintenance Monday number 268" on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- The process involves going to the back end of the Joomla site.
- Ensure that the guest user group is set to "guest" in the user options.
- Create a new menu item named "login" with the menu type set to "users login form" and access set to "guest."
- Create a new menu item named "logout" with the menu type set to "users log out" and access set to "registered."
- Refresh the home page to see the login link, which disappears when logged in, and the logout button.
- To hide the login form, go to "system" > "site modules" > "login form," and set access to "guest."
- Make sure all users are assigned to the "registered" group for the logout link to show to everyone when they are logged in.



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