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In a world full of great Google Analytics stats, your web hosting account may have some stats hiding some gems of information to use in managing your web site. In this live stream we look at a bunch of different stats area in a Cpanel hosting account - including raw stats, bandwith, webalizer and awstats.

 - The video is about exploring the web hosting statistics of a Joomla website.
- The video is the 80th installment in the "Watch Me Work" series on YouTube.
- The speaker, Tim Davis, mentions that web hosting stats are often overlooked.
- He promotes "My Sites Guru" and offers a coupon code for Joomla site owners.
- Tim demonstrates how to access web hosting statistics in the hosting panel.
- He discusses two statistics tools: AWStats and Webalizer.
- AWStats and Webalizer are separated by domain and subdomain, including SSL domains.
- Tim explores various data, such as website traffic, days of the week with the most traffic, and time of day.
- He looks at the countries where the website's traffic is coming from.
- The video delves into data related to different IPs, spiders, and their hits on the site.
- Tim mentions how to block certain spiders using .htaccess.
- He talks about visitor durations, indicating how long users stay on the site.
- The file types that are called, the top files downloaded, and the URL pages are also discussed.
- Tim talks about URLs, mentioning the impact of Flash games on his site.
- He discusses operating systems, browsers used to access the site, and how visitors found the site.
- The video hints at the possibility of optimizing traffic sources, especially from Bing and Microsoft Windows Live.
- Tim mentions revisiting monetization strategies for his site and focusing on ads for his services.
- The video briefly touches on the idea of converting the site's ads from Google Adsense to his own services.
- The speaker expresses an interest in tweaking the site for better results.
- The video concludes with a mention of links from external pages and other websites.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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