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The `Send Copy To Submitter` feature in Joomla's contact component is a handy function for people contacting you who want to remember what they asked. However, spammers find it a very handy tool for sending out spam and so you may want to turn it off! In this video we talk a little bit about this and how to decide what you want to set your site for.



00:00 - Introduction

01:03 - Welcome to Maintenance Monday #163

01:33 - Sponsorship Mention:

02:06 - Today's Topic: Disabling 'Send a Copy to Sender'

07:53 - Importance of Site Security

08:23 - Closing Remarks and Call to Action Community Engagement and Personal Anecdotes

17:32 - Discussion on Cyber Insurance

30:47 - Introduction to Liquid Web Hosting

31:44 - Liquid Web Support Experience

32:16 - Managed Hosting Benefits

33:27 - cPanel Licensing and Pricing

34:57 - cPanel Account Management

36:30 - Add-on Domains Explained

41:23 - cPanel Pricing and Competitor Issues

43:11 - Creating Subdomains in cPanel

Step-by-step guide on setting up subdomains

45:39 - Business Collaboration Opportunities

Invitation to collaborate on web hosting and chatbot projects

48:26 - Introduction to Chatbots

Overview of chatbot potential and business use cases

53:07 - Chatbot Engagement Strategies

Discussion on using chatbots for lead generation and customer interaction

57:24 - Closing Remarks

Final thoughts on client relationships and upcoming plans

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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