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The `Send Copy To Submitter` feature in Joomla's contact component is a handy function for people contacting you who want to remember what they asked. However, spammers find it a very handy tool for sending out spam and so you may want to turn it off! In this video we talk a little bit about this and how to decide what you want to set your site for.



  • Title: "Disable `Send Copy To Submitter` for Spam Prevention in Joomla"
    - Video by Tim Davis: Maintenance Monday #163 on YouTube
    - Discusses how to turn off the "send copy to sender" feature in Joomla's contact form to prevent spam
    - Introduces for site management and offers a free site audit
    - Demonstrates how to disable the feature in Joomla: via toggle and Joomla's options
    - Explains the issue of spammers using the feature to send spam emails
    - Suggests reasons to use or disable the feature based on user preferences
    - Includes mention of site security and using anti-spam measures like reCAPTCHA
    - Shares personal updates and upcoming plans
    - Talks about a potential road trip to meet a new client in Kamloops, Canada
    - Considers getting a dash cam for the trip and discusses weather conditions on the route
    - References a TV show "Highway Thru Hell" about challenging mountainous roads in winter
    - Notes participation and conversations in the live chat during the video

Monday Maintenance 163


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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