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Sometimes one of your Joomla pages will wrap text in mysterious ways, almost as if something invisible is affecting it. When this happens it might actually be something visible in the html code that is behind the strange behaviour.

Sometimes a space is not a space! How to find the visible "invisible" characters affecting wrapping in your Joomla pages is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►



 - Title: "A Space Isn't Always a Space - Strange Wrapping in Joomla! 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #099 - YouTube"
- The video discusses issues related to spacing and text wrapping in Joomla articles.
- Tim Davis is the host of the "Maintenance Monday" live stream, episode 99.
- The video mentions the upcoming 100th celebration episode and announces a random draw for a $100 Canadian Amazon card.
- Tim is working on a client's website related to gold prospecting.
- He demonstrates an issue with text wrapping on the mobile view of the website.
- The issue is caused by a special character, " ", used for space in HTML code.
- Tim explains that this character represents a space, but it's not always recognized as such in text wrapping.
- He advises viewers to check for such characters in the HTML code if they encounter text wrapping problems on their websites.
- There's a discussion about various Joomla page builders, with viewers sharing their experiences.
- Tim mentions that Joomla offers various ways to approach site building and customization.
- He briefly discusses an upcoming interview and future plans for the channel.
- Tim interacts with viewers, addressing questions and comments.
- Some viewers share their preferences for Joomla extensions and their experiences with different page builders.
- Tim talks about a client considering WordPress and expresses his preference for Joomla.
- The video ends with Tim checking out Joomla-related content on Facebook and interacting with viewers.

 Monday Maintenance 099


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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