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In this video we look at how to know if it's safe to update to a new Joomla release.



  • Title: "How to Know it's Safe to Update to a New Joomla Release - 🛠 MM #224 - YouTube"
    - The speaker discusses how to determine if it's safe to update to the latest Joomla release.
    - He mentions that a recent Joomla release caused some issues for some users.
    - The speaker advises not to rush into updating and provides tips to ensure a safe update.
    - Tips for safe updating:
    - Check the Joomla forum for discussions on the latest release and any reported issues.
    - Follow @joomla on Twitter for real-time discussions and updates.
    - Join the Facebook Joomla group "Joomla Knows" to find information about releases and discussions.
    - He humorously suggests moving to the west coast of Canada to be one of the first to know about releases (due to the time zone difference).
    - The speaker reassures that issues are usually fixed quickly, so there's no need to panic.
    - He invites viewers to subscribe to his channel and enjoy their Joomla sites.

Monday Maintenance 224


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