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In this video we ponder which is the best response status code to use when redirecting your visitors to a new page based upon their IP location.



  • The video is about choosing the appropriate response status code for redirecting traffic based on IP location in Joomla.
    - The speaker mentions an extension by JDev that allows IP-based redirection and has been updated to include provinces or states.
    - The speaker discusses the need to send the correct code to the visitor's browser for effective redirection.
    - The video is sponsored by, offering Joomla site management tools and a free site audit.
    - The speaker mentions a previous issue related to SEO and IP-based redirection.
    - The JDev extension adds an "iplocation menu redirect" tab in Joomla's menu items for setting up redirection conditions based on location.
    - The speaker explains the importance of choosing the right response code for redirecting, with a focus on not using permanent redirects (301).
    - Various HTTP response codes are discussed, including 301 (Moved Permanently), 302 (Found), 303 (See Other), and 304 (Not Modified).
    - The speaker considers using 302 for temporary redirection based on IP location.
    - The speaker also mentions the need to avoid caching when selecting the response code for redirection.
    - There is a brief discussion of using scripting for redirection purposes.
    - The speaker seeks input from viewers for clarification on response codes and their use.

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