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Please send any feedback or bug reports to is a great tool for testing the deliverability of emails that your Joomla site sends out. Here are some other videos you will find helpful regarding Joomla and email deliverability:



- The video is about testing the email setup of a Joomla site using a tool called Email-Tester.
- The speaker, Tim Davis, is discussing the Email-Tester tool for Joomla email setup testing.
- The tool is introduced as a way to assess the effectiveness of Joomla site email configuration.
- Tim encourages viewers to subscribe and turn on notifications for the channel.
- The tool can be accessed at "" and is shown on screen.
- Tim explains that the tool can be used not only to test email sending but also registration systems on Joomla sites.
- Steps to use the tool: Go to "," create a temporary email address, use it as the sender, and perform actions on the Joomla site (e.g., registration).
- The tool provides a score and feedback on the email message's deliverability and configuration.
- Tim demonstrates the process by creating a user profile on a Joomla site and using the temporary email address.
- He shows how the tool assesses the email and provides suggestions for improvement.
- Tim highlights the importance of proper email setup to ensure deliverability and avoid spam filters.
- He mentions that a low score could indicate that emails are more likely to end up in spam folders.
- Tim acknowledges that improving email deliverability is crucial, especially for newsletters sent to subscribers.
- The speaker discusses various tools for checking email server status, reputation, and blacklists.
- He mentions other tools like MX Toolbox and provides a brief overview of their functionalities.
- Tim explores different tests related to email reputation, domain setup, and IP address configuration.
- The discussion touches on issues like DNS, reverse DNS, SPF records, and domain mismatches.
- He shows how to perform tests using specific websites to check IP address reputation and other parameters.
- The speaker talks about a tool that can verify the existence of email addresses, particularly useful for cleaning mailing lists.
- Tim shares his experience testing the tool on his own newsletter list to identify and remove invalid addresses.
- He concludes the video by interacting with the chat and expressing appreciation for the audience.

Please note that the provided transcript is quite lengthy and repetitive. I've condensed the main points into the bullet points above. If you have any specific questions or need further clarification on certain parts, feel free to ask!

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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