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In this issue of Maintenance Monday we look how to remove unused extensions in your #Joomla site. It's yet another way to save space on your web hosting account, cut down on clutter in your administrator area, and it also reduces the time it takes to update your Joomla Extensions.



  • Tim Davis hosting a live stream titled "Remove Unused Extensions in Joomla 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #010 - YouTube."
    - Tim mentions the importance of removing unused extensions in Joomla for a cleaner and more efficient website.
    - He shares that excess extensions can clutter the Joomla site, making it harder to navigate, especially for beginners.
    - Removing unused extensions can make the Joomla site smaller and reduce the frequency of updates.
    - Tim advises viewers to back up their Joomla site before uninstalling any extensions to avoid potential issues.
    - He demonstrates how to uninstall extensions, using K2 and JFB Connect as examples.
    - Tim emphasizes that his examples are not recommendations for specific extensions to remove but are meant to illustrate the process.
    - He encourages viewers to be cautious when removing extensions, especially if they are unsure of their purpose.
    - Tim mentions a forthcoming tip about search engine-friendly URLs for a viewer named Azim.
    - He wraps up the live stream, mentioning upcoming plans for more tutorials and a giveaway.
    - Tim expresses gratitude to the viewers for being a part of the channel and watching the live stream.

Monday Maintenance 010


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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