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In this video we check out Obix Editor Xtd Translation Plugin - an editor button that translates the contents of Joomla articles through API calls to Deepl.


Here is a summarized version of the transcript:

- Introduction of the video and the purpose: Demonstrating a Joomla plugin for automatic text translation within the editor.
- Mention of the YouTube channel and the host's expertise in Joomla.
- Sponsorship mention for "" and an offer for a free site audit.
- Introduction to the translation plugin and its API connection to "deepL" for text translation.
- Discussion about signing up for a free account with deepL, which requires a credit card for verification.
- Plugin installation and activation within Joomla.
- Explaining the various configuration options for the translation plugin, including language selection, formatting preservation, formality, tag handling, and more.
- Demonstrating the translation of sample text into different languages (e.g., French, Ukrainian).
- Mentioning the character limit (500,000 per month) and the potential subscription cost.
- Attempt to translate text into Bengali, but it's not available.
- Speculation about right-to-left languages.
- Testing the translation results on a Joomla article.
- Mention of adjusting the settings to show only installed site languages.
- Conclusion and the host's final remarks.

Please note that the transcript contains some repetitive and unrelated commentary, which has been omitted in this summary for brevity and clarity.



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