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In this video we look at what is the best size for OG Images on your Joomla site. I will also recommend a couple of tools I use for managing this important part of any website's SEO.

Monday Maintenance 197

 - Video discusses optimal size for Open Graph (OG) images on Joomla sites
- Hosted on Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel, presented by Tim Davis
- Sponsored by, offering Joomla site management tools
- Previous image size used: 200x200 pixels (both dimensions)
- Discovered need for bigger OG images, possibly 600x315 pixels
- Demonstrates using larger images for better social media sharing
- Example: extension page, SEO tool for Joomla
- Minimum OG image size per Facebook: 1200x630 pixels
- Recommended minimum OG image size: 600x315 pixels
- Using "For SEO" tool to select OG image, avoid slowing page load
- Suggests using smaller images in articles, selecting larger OG images
- Pro tips: Use "For SEO" tool, check out och responsive images plugin
- "For SEO" tool by Unique, recommended for Joomla SEO
- "Och responsive images" plugin resizes images based on screen width, converts to webp format
- Tim Davis is rethinking OG image practices for better sharing and SEO
- Encourages viewers to subscribe and engage with comments
- Offers Joomla site assistance through his company
- Reminds viewers to subscribe and explore more content on the channel


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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