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In this video we look at what is the best size for OG Images on your Joomla site. I will also recommend a couple of tools I use for managing this important part of any website's SEO.



00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message

00:29 Image Size Recommendations

01:01 SEO Tool and Image Size Issue

02:00 Minimum Image Size Requirements

03:12 Pro Tip: Using Larger Images Without Slowing Page Load

04:18 Recommended Tools

04:56 OCH Responsive Images Plugin

05:28 Conclusion and Call to Action

05:58 Closing Remarks




Introduction: Tim Davis discusses the importance of image sizes for Open Graph (OG) images on Joomla sites.

Image Size Recommendations: Previously used 200x200 pixel images; discovered the need for larger dimensions like 600x315 pixels for better visibility on social media shares.

SEO Tool Issue: Experienced issues with an SEO tool that required images larger than 600 pixels wide for selection.

Minimum Requirements: Facebook recommends OG images to be at least 1200x630 pixels for optimal display on social media shares.

Avoiding Page Load Issues: Advises against using excessively large images directly on web pages to avoid slowing down page loads.

Using SEO Tools: Recommends using tools like 4SEO to easily select and optimize larger OG images without affecting page load times.

Recommended Tools: Highlights 4SEO as a comprehensive Joomla SEO tool and mentions OCH Responsive Images plugin for adaptive and compressed image delivery.

Optimization Benefits: Emphasizes that using properly sized images can enhance SEO, improve page load speeds, and optimize social media sharing.

Implementation Strategy: Proposes a strategy of using smaller images within articles while selecting larger ones using SEO tools for OG images.

Conclusion: Encourages viewers to rethink their practices regarding OG images, subscribe to the channel, and engage with comments for Joomla site assistance.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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