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If you have ever shared one of your Joomla pages to FaceBook only to discover the wrong image is showing on the social media share don't be discouraged.

You can correct the image on your page and then get Facebook to "rescrape" it so the proper image will show.

Where to go to get FaceBook to scrape your Joomla pages again is what today's Today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about SUBSCRIBE TODAY! ►



 - Video title: "How to Fix Wrong Image Showing in Facebook - Scrape Again! 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #098 - YouTube"
- Tim Davis explains how to correct the wrong image displayed on Facebook shares.
- Tim greets viewers and mentions Maintenance Monday livestream #98.
- He talks about the issue of incorrect images being displayed on Facebook shares.
- Tim demonstrates the problem using a Joomla article with a cat picture.
- He explains that this can happen when updating an image or making a mistake.
- Tim shows how the wrong image appears on Facebook when sharing the article URL.
- He showcases how to replace the incorrect image with the correct one (a goat picture).
- Tim shares the URL on Facebook again, but the incorrect image still appears.
- He introduces Facebook's URL debugger tool to fix the image display issue.
- Tim demonstrates how to use the debugger tool to refresh the image preview.
- After scraping again, the correct goat image is displayed on Facebook shares.
- Tim wraps up the tutorial and invites viewers to subscribe and stay updated.
- He mentions upcoming livestreams and thanks viewers for their interaction.
- Tim discusses the protostar template's mobile menu functionality.
- He highlights other template systems like Asteroid Framework and Rocket Theme.
- Tim interacts with viewers in the live chat, answering questions about Joomla.
- He mentions a new extension that allows custom CSS in any template.
- Tim talks about learning new platforms based on client requests.
- He shares his experience with a client using Moodle for online courses.
- Tim reflects on not overselling and learning as he went.
- He tells a story about a challenging project that led to a significant client.
- Tim discusses Slide Boom, an old platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations online.

Monday Maintenance 098


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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