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If you prefer dark mode when working in the admin area of your Joomla site - or for viewing the front end if you are using the default Cassiopeia template - Dark Magic from Akeeba is the plugin for you!


 - The video is about adding Dark Mode to Joomla 4 admin and Cassiopeia template.
- The speaker, Tim Davis, shows his favorite extensions, tools, and tips for building and maintaining Joomla sites.
- He recommends the free plugin "Dark Magic" by Nicholas from Akiba for adding Dark Mode.
- The plugin can be installed from GitHub (version 2.01 for Joomla 4).
- The plugin offers options for applying Dark Mode always, based on the browser setting, or following the sun's schedule.
- Users can set the background color, main text color, inverse text color, link color, and special color for both the backend and frontend.
- Dark Magic works with the Atom administrator template in Joomla 4.
- The speaker demonstrates the installation process and enabling Dark Mode in the backend.
- Dark Mode is also enabled in the frontend using the default Cassiopeia template.
- Custom CSS can be used to further customize the frontend colors.
- The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe and like the video for more content related to Joomla.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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