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00:00 - Introduction and Acknowledgments

00:19 - Importance of Email Display Compatibility

00:48 - Shoutout to Alexandra Eliseev

01:01 - Introduction to

01:22 - Demonstration: Checking Background Color Compatibility

01:56 - Demonstration: Checking Text Alignment Compatibility

02:37 - Demonstration: Checking Image Compatibility

03:11 - Exploring HTML and CSS Feature Support

03:50 - Example: Mailto Links Compatibility

04:26 - Example: WebP Image Format Compatibility

05:01 - Comparing Different Email Clients

05:38 - Final Tips and Conclusion




In this video, Tim Davis introduces, a valuable tool for Joomla developers to ensure their emails are compatible across various email clients. By demonstrating how to check the support for different HTML, CSS, and image features, Tim provides practical insights into creating emails that display correctly on multiple devices and platforms. The video highlights the importance of email compatibility and offers step-by-step guidance on using to achieve this, making it a must-watch for Joomla site administrators and developers looking to improve their email formatting.

Introduction and Acknowledgments:

Tim Davis introduces the video, sponsored by, and mentions the purpose of the tutorial, which is to ensure Joomla emails display correctly across various email programs.

Importance of Email Display Compatibility:

Tim emphasizes the common issue of improperly displayed emails and the need for ensuring emails look correct on different devices and email clients.

Shoutout to Alexandra Eliseev:

Tim acknowledges Alexandra Eliseev for sharing the tool being demonstrated in the video.

Introduction to

Tim introduces, a tool that helps check the compatibility of HTML, CSS, and other email features across different email clients.

Demonstration: Checking Background Color Compatibility:

Tim demonstrates how to use to check the compatibility of the CSS background color property across different email clients, showing detailed support information.

Demonstration: Checking Text Alignment Compatibility:

Tim checks the compatibility of the CSS text-align property, highlighting the partial support in some clients like Gmail on iOS and explaining what values are supported.

Demonstration: Checking Image Compatibility:

Tim shows how to check the compatibility of image attributes, such as the loading attribute and AVIF image format, providing insights into their support across various email clients.

Exploring HTML and CSS Feature Support:

Tim explores the list of HTML tags and CSS features supported by different email clients, illustrating how to navigate and use the tool effectively.

Example: Mailto Links Compatibility:

Tim checks the compatibility of mailto links, noting that while widely supported, certain features like BCC may not work in Yahoo Mail.

Example: WebP Image Format Compatibility:

Tim examines the support for the WebP image format, noting that while it works in Gmail, it may be converted to JPEG in other clients and does not support animation.

Comparing Different Email Clients:

Tim demonstrates how to compare the compatibility of different email clients, such as Apple Mail and Gmail, showing what features are fully, partially, or not supported.

Final Tips and Conclusion:

Tim concludes the video by encouraging viewers to use for ensuring their emails display correctly across various clients, and reminds them to subscribe for more Joomla tips and tutorials.

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