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Did you make any plans or resolutions for your life or business in 2019? I did! It's time to check-in and see how it's going.



  • - Video titled "(2) February 2019 Success Check-in - 👀 Watch Me Work 025 - YouTube"
    - Speaker is Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, providing an update on his success plans for 2019.
    - Originally discussed plans in a live stream at the beginning of 2019.
    - Check-in happening in mid-February to reflect on the progress of the set goals.
    - Encourages viewers to subscribe, ring the bell for notifications, and like the video.
    - Mentions a giveaway for a three-month basic membership in a Joomla template club.
    - Goals:
    - Diminish distractions in business and life.
    - Manage emails efficiently and reduce "bacon" (non-urgent emails).
    - Evaluate whether tasks contribute to target hourly rate.
    - Increase lead generation for local clients through video pages.
    - Distractions:
    - Successfully unfollowing Facebook friends to reduce distractions.
    - Using Gmail filters to manage and reduce distracting emails.
    - Overall, giving himself an "A" for dealing with distractions.
    - Email Management:
    - Successfully managing bacon emails with filters but room for improvement.
    - Uses Gmail tags for different email accounts, inspired by others' advice.
    - Acknowledges a need to improve adherence to the OneTouch policy for emails.
    - Goal Evaluation:
    - Assessing tasks based on whether they contribute to the target hourly rate.
    - Acknowledges room for improvement in being more focused on revenue-generating tasks.
    - Amazon Affiliate Program:
    - Initially stopped efforts due to low traffic but later met the requirements.
    - Faced issues with Amazon canceling the application due to perceived inactivity.
    - Reflects on the importance of not wasting time on efforts that don't yield immediate returns.
    - Lead Generation:
    - Plans to increase local leads through ads in local platforms.
    - Aimed to enhance pages for narration and tutorial services but has not made progress.
    - Admits to not taking action on local ads, giving himself an "F" for failure to implement plans.
    - Overall Evaluation:
    - Reflects on the lack of progress in lead generation and page improvements.
    - Acknowledges areas for improvement in focusing on revenue-generating tasks.
    - Invites viewers to share their progress and ideas in the chat.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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