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It's a bird . . . it's a plane . . . . no . . . . . it's JOE JOOMLA and he is showing us how to Improve the Joomla Admin Template with Simple and Effective Clickable Icons.


  • The video is titled "Improve the Joomla Admin Template with Clickable Icons."
    - The video features Tim Davis and Joel Joomla discussing Joomla and its admin template.
    - They discuss the benefits of using clickable icons to enhance the Joomla admin experience.
    - The video showcases how to create and customize clickable icons in the Joomla admin area.
    - Tim and Joel talk about the importance of custom CSS files for controlling icon styles.
    - They mention the use of the "custom.css" file for making style changes.
    - Joel mentions working without a WYSIWYG editor to have more control over the HTML.
    - They recommend learning basic HTML for Joomla customization.
    - The video references the Joomla template "isis" and its folder structure.
    - It briefly mentions the use of the Joomla template manager and file management.
    - The video aims to improve the Joomla admin experience with customized clickable icons.
    - It also briefly touches on a shoutout to as a Joomla partner.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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