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The available levels of error reporting in Joomla 4 have changed from Joomla 3. In this video we see what has changed and why it is important to know.




Introduction - 00:00

Introduction to the topic of changes in error reporting levels in Joomla 4.

Overview of Error Reporting in Joomla 3 - 00:32

Comparison of error reporting options in Joomla 3, including system default, none, simple, maximum, and development.

Error Reporting in Joomla 4 - 01:01

Transition to Joomla 4 error reporting options: system default, none, simple, maximum (no development option).

Importance of Understanding Changes - 01:45

Explanation of why understanding these changes is crucial, especially for troubleshooting and fixing issues on Joomla 4 sites.

Adjusting Error Reporting in Joomla 4 - 02:13

Practical demonstration of how to adjust error reporting settings in Joomla 4 using the configuration.php file.

Conclusion and Summary - 02:48

Recap of the key points: Joomla 4 now uses "maximum" instead of "development" for highest error reporting level.

Call to Action - 03:13

Encouragement to subscribe, like the video, and engage with further content on Joomla tips and tutorials.


Introduction: Discuss the importance of error reporting in Joomla site management.

Joomla 3 Error Reporting: Review error reporting options available in Joomla 3 (system default, none, simple, maximum, development).

Joomla 4 Changes: Explain the adjustments in Joomla 4 error reporting options (system default, none, simple, maximum).

Significance of Changes: Highlight why it's essential for Joomla 4 users to understand these new options, especially when troubleshooting.

Practical Demonstration: Step-by-step guide on how to modify error reporting settings in Joomla 4 via configuration.php.

Transition Example: Show how to switch from using "development" in Joomla 3 to "maximum" in Joomla 4 for thorough error reporting.

Clarifying Differences: Clarify the subtle but critical change in the highest error reporting level between Joomla versions.

Viewer Engagement: Encourage viewers to subscribe, like, and enable notifications for updates on Joomla tutorials.

Next Steps: Suggest exploring further Joomla tips and tools available on the channel.

Closing Remarks: Conclude with best wishes for successful Joomla site management and troubleshooting.

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