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In this video we see how to have the first page break slider show as closed in a Joomla article, even thought the default and only option for the first page break in a Joomla site is for it to be open.



00:00 Introduction

00:32 Sponsor Message

01:01 Overview of the Issue

01:36 Setting Up the Article

02:12 Default Behavior

02:48 Simpler Solution

03:26 Implementation

04:02 Result

04:35 Adjusting Attributes

05:13 Final Result

05:47 Conclusion and Final Remarks




Introduction: Tim Davis discusses a simpler method to force the first page break slider to be closed by default in Joomla articles.

Sponsor Message: Tim introduces and encourages viewers to explore tools for Joomla site management.

Overview of the Issue: By default, Joomla displays the first section of a page break slider as open, which may not be desired.

Setting Up the Article: Demonstrates how to configure Joomla to use sliders for page breaks instead of sections.

Default Behavior: Shows how the first section of the page break slider is initially open upon page load.

Simpler Solution: Instead of previous methods, Tim proposes adding a duplicate page break tag without a title or alias just above the first one.

Implementation: Guides viewers through the steps of copying the page break tag and removing its title and alias attributes.

Result: After making the adjustments, refreshes the article to demonstrate that the first page break slider now appears closed.

Conclusion: Tim concludes by summarizing the method and encourages viewers to subscribe, like the video, and explore recommended content.

Final Remarks: Mentions other Joomla extensions for alternative layouts but emphasizes the simplicity of this method for core Joomla functionality.

This summary captures the main points discussed in the video, focusing on a straightforward technique to manage the display of page break sliders in Joomla articles.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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