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In this video we see how to have the first page break slider show as closed in a Joomla article, even thought the default and only option for the first page break in a Joomla site is for it to be open.



  • Tutorial on forcing the first page break slider to appear closed in Joomla articles
    - Presented by Tim Davis in Maintenance Monday #193 on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel
    - Sponsored by, offering tools and information for Joomla site management
    - Discusses an easier method to close the first page break slider in Joomla articles
    - Previously covered in a live stream on the channel
    - Demonstrates steps to achieve this using the page break plugin in Joomla
    - Shows how to change the presentation style to sliders for page breaks
    - Describes the issue of the first section being open by default
    - Mentions other extensions that offer accordion-style views
    - Provides a simple trick involving duplicating page break code to achieve the desired result
    - Explains how to remove the text associated with the duplicate page break
    - Offers step-by-step instructions for implementing the method
    - Encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and ring the notification bell for more content
    - Concludes by suggesting related videos for further learning and exploration


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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