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If you have a bunch of modules assigned to a Joomla template position and want to change them all to a different position, you can change them all at once!


  • Title: "How to Batch Assign Modules to a Different Joomla Template Position - 🛠 MM #263 - YouTube"
  •  Presenter: Tim Davis
  •  Tim demonstrates how to batch assign modules to a different position in Joomla in Maintenance Monday #263 on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
  •  Tim shows a plain Joomla 3 installation with modules assigned to position seven.
  •  Reasons to change module positions include using a template builder like Template Creator CK or migrating from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4, where some default template positions differ.
  •  Tim performs a test migration from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 using "migrate me 4" extension.
  •  After the migration, Tim logs into the Joomla 4 admin panel and shows the front-end, which has the modules assigned to position seven.
  •  Tim selects all modules, goes to "Actions," and chooses "Batch" to batch assign the modules to the "sidebar right" position.
  •  Upon processing, the modules are successfully moved to the new position.
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     Video concludes with well-wishes for Joomla site management.

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