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When you think your Joomla 4 test migration is ready to go live, here's how you can make it go live with the push of one button in MigrateMe 4.

A summary of this video:

  • Title: "How to Push Your Joomla 4 Test Migration to Live with MigrateMe 4"
  • In the back end of your Joomla 4 test migration site, go to Components > MigrateMe 4.
  • Before proceeding, ensure you have a backup of your live Joomla 3 site, either off the server or outside the Joomla root folder.
  • In MigrateMe 4 configuration, make sure the backups option is enabled.
  • Click "Go Live Now" in the MigrateMe 4 back end to initiate the live migration.
  • MigrateMe 4 will create a backup of your Joomla 3 site before pushing your Joomla 4 test site live.
  • Once the migration is completed, log in to the admin of the live Joomla 4 site.
  • The live site URL will not have "mm4" in it, confirming that the Joomla 4 site is now live.
  • If needed, you can restore the previous live Joomla 3 site using the "Backups" feature in MigrateMe 4.
  • To access the previous test area (Joomla 3 site), visit "your-site-url/mm4/administrator" and then go to Components > MigrateMe 4 > Backups to perform the restoration.
  • Having an external backup and using MigrateMe 4's backup feature allows you to quickly switch back to Joomla 3 if something goes wrong during the migration process.
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How to Push Your Joomla 4 Test Migration to Live with MigrateMe 4


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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