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Join us for a live stream (or replay) as Ruud van Lent, from, shows us how to setup an article Paywall in Joomla.

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  • The video is about creating an article paywall in Joomla with Ruud van Lent.
    - Tim Davis is the host of the live stream (WMW 210) on YouTube.
    - The video is sponsored by for Joomla site management tools.
    - Ruud van Lent is the guest and a Joomla expert.
    - They discuss the possibility of creating an article paywall in Joomla using OCH subscriptions.
    - They explain the concept of intro text, full text, and read more in Joomla articles.
    - Ruud demonstrates creating a Joomla article with embedded video and PDF handouts.
    - They discuss the benefits of click-to-load embedded media for privacy and faster page loading.
    - The video provides insights into setting up online courses with protected content.
    - Ruud mentions using his own Joomla extensions for various functionalities.
    - The discussion covers creating categories and menu items for Joomla articles.
    - Ruud showcases the Joomla article with embedded content and accordion-style course summary.
    - They emphasize the importance of access levels and groups for controlling content access.
    - The video briefly touches on responsive images and social media sharing (Open Graph).
    - Ruud uses the Cassiopeia template and demonstrates Joomla basics for creating protected content.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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