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Have you ever wished you could have all of your Joomla pages precached and waiting for their first visitor instead of being generated by their first visitor? This is possible! How to setup a cron job to precache all of your Joomla pages using Recache (part of JotComponent's JotCache) is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream.

YouTube does not allow the pasting of code with "angled brackets" so it's not possible to paste the codes shared in the various parts of this video (including during the chat time afterwards.) If you would like a copy of them contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 - Video discusses how to precache Joomla! pages using Recache from JotCache.
- Tim Davis presents Maintenance Monday Live Stream #088 on Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- Precaching Joomla pages helps deliver them quickly to users.
- Tim introduces himself as a Joomla fan and invites viewers to interact via chat.
- Benefits of precaching explained: reduces steps to prepare pages, enhances speed.
- Cache analogy used: comparing caching process to retrieving items from different places.
- Introduction of Recache from JotCache, a file for precaching.
- Steps to install JotCache: download from, manual installation needed.
- File location: administrator/components/com_jotcache/cron/cron_recache.php
- J Path Base: Defines the path to the Joomla site installation.
- J Path Base example: /home/basicjew/public_html
- "Depth" parameter set to 2 to cache pages down to the second menu level.
- Cron job setup: Running cron_recache.php periodically to refresh cached pages.
- Recommendation to set a reasonable frequency based on site changes.
- If using cron.php from previous video, run it first to empty expired cache records.
- Setting up the new cron job: using cPanel's cron job interface.
- Command example: user local bin PHP /path/to/cron_recache.php
- Frequency of the cron job: set to run once per hour, shortly after the 15-minute mark.

 Monday Maintenance 088


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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