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  • Video title: "2022 Plans and Ideas For Business Success - 👀 WMW 145 - YouTube"
    - The speaker is Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast.
    - Tim briefly mentions his YouTube channel, where he shares Joomla-related content.
    - He promotes a sponsor,, offering tools for Joomla site management.
    - Tim explains his absence from the previous week's live stream.
    - He sets up the live chat on the screen.
    - Tim mentions a new feature on YouTube that allows pinning messages in the live chat.
    - Tim greets viewers and acknowledges the arrival of the new year (2022).
    - He reflects on his plans for 2021 and discusses how some goals worked out.
    - Tim mentions his success in curating his Facebook feed and achieving a zero inbox in his business email.
    - He talks about incorporating his business and briefly mentions an accounting issue.
    - Tim shares his goal of generating 10 new management packages or clients per month by building a team.
    - He discusses improving his skills in creating business proposals, mentioning a tool he used.
    - Tim shares a humorous anecdote about a proposal that was misinterpreted as a yearly instead of monthly.
    - He highlights the importance of adapting plans due to uncertain times, like the ongoing pandemic.
    - Tim begins to share his business goals for the upcoming year (2022).


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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