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It's one thing for a #Joomla extension to have an honest, vulnerability by mistake in it. But when crypto mining scripts are intentionally being put in a Joomla Extension: Mama ain't got no time for that! Whether the vulnerability or hack is there by mistake or on purpose, you need to use the Joomla VEL - Vulnerable Extensions List - to help keep your and your clients' websites safe. Using the Joomla Vulnerable Extensions List is what today's #maintenancemonday is all about.



  • The video is titled "Use the Joomla VEL: Vulnerable Extensions List - Maintenance Monday Live Stream #033 - YouTube."
    - The host, Tim Davis, begins by thanking viewers and encouraging them to subscribe and like the video.
    - He announces a giveaway winner, Vinnie, who receives a one-year membership to and a free year subscription to any Regular Labs Extension.
    - Tim mentions a new prize added to the monthly giveaways, a book called "Joomla 3 Explained" courtesy of JoomlaShack from OS training.
    - He discusses a recent discovery on the Joomla Vulnerable Extension List (VEL), where Rapicode's free extensions were found to have a backdoor loading mining code for cryptocurrencies.
    - Tim emphasizes the importance of using the VEL to update vulnerable extensions, mitigate risks, and subscribe to email notifications for security updates.
    - He demonstrates how to access the VEL's "resolved VEL" and "live VEL" sections to check for vulnerable extensions and updates.
    - Tim encourages viewers to share their experiences with extensions showing up on the VEL in the comments section.
    - He thanks viewers for their support and invites them to subscribe, like, and leave comments or topic suggestions for future videos.

Monday Maintenance 033


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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