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The sorting column in Joomla used to confuse me but I have it figured out and have an easy way to keep it that way. In this video I will give you a tip to help keep things straight when you are trying to sort articles by order, sort categories by order, sort tags by order - or sort anything else by the ordering column in Joomla!



- The video discusses tips for using the sorting column in Joomla.
- Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, presents Maintenance Monday #172 on Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
- Sponsored by, offering free site audits and tools for managing Joomla sites.
- The sorting column in Joomla can be confusing, but a tip is provided to remember its functionality.
- The sorting column is used to manually arrange articles in a specific order in the Article Manager.
- Grayed-out grab dots indicate no sorting, while black grab dots indicate sorting by the column.
- A triangle symbol on the grab dots indicates the top position; when pointing up, it's the top.
- Manually sorting articles helps customize their order for creating menu links.
- A step-by-step guide is given for arranging articles and using the sorting column effectively.
- The sorted order can be reflected in menus by choosing the article order option.
- Demonstrated how to create a new menu item with sorted articles in the Main Menu.
- Refreshing the homepage shows the articles in the sorted order, with the arrow indicating the top.
- This tip simplifies sorting tasks for articles or categories and clarifies the top position.
- Viewers are encouraged to subscribe, ring the bell for notifications, and like the video.
- Video ends with a reminder to enjoy managing Joomla sites and blessings.

Note: The transcript is quite detailed, and the bullet points capture the main points of the video's content.

 Monday Maintenance 172


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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