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The go-to tool for backing up Joomla is Akeeba Backup. In this video we look at a helpful security step you can take to protect any backups you are keeping on your server - as recommended by Akeeba herself!



  • Video tutorial about changing default Akeeba Backup output directory for Joomla backups.
    - Presented by Tim Davis in "Maintenance Money Live Stream #149" on Basic Joomla Tutorials channel.
    - Sponsored by My Sites Guru for managing Joomla and WordPress sites.
    - Importance of changing default output directory for Akeeba Backup.
    - Mention of free and pro versions of Akeeba Backup.
    - Importance of regular site backups using Akeeba Backup.
    - Security concerns with default backup location being common knowledge.
    - Analogy of airplane rivets and tight security.
    - Steps to change output directory: Configuration > Basic Configuration > Output Directory.
    - Suggestion to choose a unique and secure output directory.
    - Reminder to avoid placing backups directly under web root for security.
    - Recommendation to add index files for added security.
    - Brief discussion about Akeeba Backup's usefulness and features.
    - Mention of Akeeba Backup being used for Joomla and WordPress sites.
    - Potential idea of making Akeeba Backup a core feature in Joomla (with discussion).
    - Mention of alternative backup options like Rackspace.
    - Brief explanation of accessing advanced configuration in the pro version.
    - Demonstrated process of selecting Dropbox as backup location (screen sharing).
    - Conclusion and invitation to subscribe and stay tuned for more tips.

Monday Maintenance 149


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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