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Somebody's domain is still pointing to the dedicated IP of one of my clients' websites - and it is messing up their backlinks in Google Search Console. This will probably never happen to you, but you may still pick up some helpful tips by watching how I "fixed" this issue.





  • The speaker encountered a weird problem with one of his websites.
    - The website was showing up as in the address bar.
    - The problem was caused by a previous domain owner using the same dedicated IP that the current website is using.
    - The speaker considered changing IPs but wanted to keep the current dedicated IP for email purposes.
    - The solution was to add a rewrite rule to the .htaccess file to redirect any calls to to
    - The speaker received help from a friend named Chad Madan to implement the rewrite rule.
    - By using a 301 redirect, Google will recognize the change, and the backlinks from the old domain will be redirected to the correct website.
    - The speaker shared the code for the rewrite rule in the video.
    - He reminded the audience that .htaccess files can be used to control server behavior.
    - The problem is unlikely to happen often, but it's a good reminder to be familiar with .htaccess files and seek help when needed.

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