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The XTD buttons in the Joomla editor area show below the work area by default. In this video we see how to move the XTD buttons from below the Joomla editor to above it.





  • Tutorial on moving XTD buttons from below Joomla Editor to above
    - Presenter: Tim Davis, Joomla enthusiast
    - Presented on "Maintenance Monday" episode #204 on YouTube
    - Sponsored by
    - Demonstrates how to reposition extended editor buttons in Joomla
    - Purpose: Make extended buttons appear above the editing area for better visibility
    - Joomla site administrators often add extra buttons/plugins for various functions
    - XTD buttons: Extended buttons that enhance Joomla's functionality
    - XTD buttons currently located below the editor field for articles and other areas
    - Demonstrates using custom CSS to change the button placement
    - Refers to a discussion on the Joomla Facebook page for the solution
    - Steps:
    1. Access Extensions > Templates
    2. Choose Administrator Templates (ISIS or DECEASE)
    3. Navigate to the selected template's CSS folder
    4. Create a file named "custom.css" in the CSS folder
    5. Paste provided CSS code into the "custom.css" file
    6. Save and close the file
    7. After changes, XTD buttons will appear at the top of the editing area
    - Demonstrates the effect using JCE editor
    - Provides encouragement to like, subscribe, and enable notifications

Monday Maintenance 204


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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