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In this video we look at the progress Regular Labs is making in getting all of their extensions ready for Joomla 4. We'll also look at how to decide if the ones you use in Joomla 3 are ready for Joomla 4.



00:00 - Introduction and Sponsor Message

00:28 - Introduction to Regular Labs Extensions and Joomla 4

01:02 - Reasons for discussing Regular Labs Extensions and their importance

01:36 - Overview of a Joomla site migration to Joomla 4

02:14 - Preparation steps for Joomla 4 migration

02:51 - Exploring Regular Labs Extension Manager and its compatibility

03:28 - Checking Joomla 4 compatibility on Regular Labs website

04:03 - Challenges and timeline for extension updates

04:36 - Release timeline for Regular Labs extensions for Joomla 4

05:11 - Changes in Extension Manager functionality for Joomla 4

05:53 - Removing outdated Regular Labs extensions

06:35 - Practical tips for managing extensions during upgrades

07:02 - Conclusion and Call to Action




Tim Davis discusses the compatibility of Regular Labs Extensions with Joomla 4 in this tutorial.

He highlights Regular Labs as popular extensions used by Joomla users and their significance.

Tim explains his own Joomla site migration process to Joomla 4 and the steps involved.

During the migration, he encountered issues with the Regular Labs Extension Manager's compatibility.

He demonstrates how to check extension compatibility on the Regular Labs website.

Tim acknowledges the time-consuming process for developers like Peter Van Westen to update extensions properly.

He mentions the existing number of Joomla 4-compatible extensions and encourages patience for more to come.

Tim previews upcoming changes to the Extension Manager in Joomla 4, simplifying license management.

Practical advice includes removing outdated extensions before upgrading to Joomla 4.

He concludes by inviting viewers to subscribe for more insights and updates on Joomla and extensions.

This video provides valuable guidance for Joomla users considering or currently undergoing a migration to Joomla 4, emphasizing the importance of extension compatibility and careful management during upgrades.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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