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In this video we Engage Box from It's a great extension for making pop-up on Joomla sites.


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Engage Box
  • How to install Engage Box
  • Creating a Popup for Joomla
  • Designing a Popup for Joomla
  • Setting the Behaviour of your Joomla Popup
  • Setting the Display Conditions of your Joomla Popup
  • Where to Setup Actions that listens to browser events
  • Where to add PHP Scripts to your Joomla Popup
  • Advanced Settings for your Joomla Popup
  • Testing our New Joomla Popup
  • Turning on Test Mode for our Joomla Popup
  • How to Use Smart Tags in your Joomla Popup
  • Trying different types of Joomla Popups
  • Using the EngageBox Popup Templates Library
  • How To Import and Export Joomla Popups
  • How to Mirror On Joomla Popup to Another
  • One of my best Live Stream Bloopers / Laughs
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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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