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Joomla Modules can have categories too! Did you know that? The free version of Advanced Module Manager, from Regular Labs, lets you assign Joomla modules to categories so you can filter them by categories. It can be a real time saver!




  • The video discusses Joomla modules and their categorization using the Advanced Module Manager.
    - Tim Davis presents the video in the context of Maintenance Monday #170 on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
    - He mentions that Joomla modules can have categories using the Advanced Module Manager, which helps organize modules on a large site.
    - Tim briefly introduces the concept and its usefulness for organizing modules on a Joomla site.
    - He mentions an announcement about the Maintenance Monday series and shares a humorous story about a previous live stream.
    - Tim promotes a sponsor,, offering tools for managing Joomla and WordPress sites.
    - The video demonstrates how to use the Advanced Module Manager to categorize and organize modules.
    - Tim logs into the Joomla site, shows how to install the Advanced Module Manager, and explains its benefits.
    - He demonstrates creating and assigning categories to modules using the Advanced Module Manager.
    - Tim explains that categorization helps cluster related modules together for better organization.
    - He discusses plans to change the format of the Maintenance Monday series, moving towards recorded topics for tighter content.
    - Tim assures the viewers that he will still be present and engaged with the community through other means like Slack and video calls.
    - He shares a story about a recent incident where a client's site encountered an issue after making a minor change to the administrator title.
    - Tim expresses his appreciation for the community's support and engagement and encourages likes, shares, and subscriptions.
    - He plans to continue the Washington Work live stream on Wednesdays with a similar format.
    - Tim highlights the importance of a clean and organized workspace for better focus and concentration.

Monday Maintenance 170


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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