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 - The video discusses using the Amy H1 Heading plugin for better SEO results in Joomla content organization.
- Presenter: Tim Davis, Joomla enthusiast.
- Importance of having Heading 1 (H1) tags on Joomla pages for accessibility and SEO.
- Mention of live stream discussing heading formatting for accessibility.
- Introduction to the Amy H1 Heading plugin by Mary Nevious from Webby Design.
- Promotional mention of for Joomla site management tools.
- Steps to install the plugin:
1. Download Amy H1 Heading from
2. Access Joomla's Extension Manager.
3. Upload and install the plugin package.
- Configuring the plugin settings:
- Activate the plugin.
- Show context option to exclude certain pages from plugin's effect.
- Show context reveals page information for exclusions.
- Usage of Chrome DevTools to identify missing H1 tags.
- Demonstrating plugin functionality:
- Examining the absence of H1 tag on a Joomla article page.
- Activation of plugin for that page.
- Refreshing the page to observe the added H1 tag.
- Usage of the web accessibility evaluation tool to check H1 tag presence.
- Exploring the "Check H1 Headings" feature:
- Activating the feature.
- It identifies multiple H1 tags on a single page and offers a visual warning.
- Discussing proper H1 tag usage:
- Each page should ideally have a single H1 tag for main topic.
- Subtopics can use H2, H3, etc.
- Advice on proper content organization and optimization.
- Encouragement to subscribe, like, and follow the channel for updates.
- Mention of other recommended videos and content.
- Conclusion and well wishes for Joomla site management and SEO improvement.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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