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As promised for the last couple of weeks, I am being joined in studio by a surprise (and special) guest for this first Live Stream of 2024. Leave a comment below if you have a guess of whom it might be!

Watch Me Work Livestreams 234

- Video Title: "Surprise Guest in Studio - 👀 WMW 234 - YouTube"
- Transcript Highlights:
- Tim Davis, a Juma fan, is hosting a live stream (WMW 234) on his Juma tutorials YouTube channel.
- He mentions his favorite extensions, tools, and tips for building and maintaining Juma sites.
- Tim also offers services related to Juma sites and encourages those interested to contact him.
- Technical issues with sound settings are discussed, leading to a smooth start of the video.
- Tim shares a picture from Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia, where he attended a light display on New Year's Day.
- Tim reveals a surprise guest, Chayon Madon, visiting from Delhi, India, and they share insights about their time together.
- The video includes a discussion about WordPress taking over the web and the potential shift in focus for web developers.
- Chayon discusses his work, parenting, and managing websites.
- Tim and Chayon plan to visit Vancouver, and Tim mentions a potential visit from Phil Taylor, a friend and sponsor of the channel.
- The discussion touches on business expansion, managing clients in different time zones, and the importance of reliability for business success.



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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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