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In this video I try to learn about CloudFlare Turnstile and how it might rescue me and other Joomla users from problems with ReCaptcha.

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  • Video Title: "(1) ReCaptcha Rescue: Looking at Cloudflare Turnstile - 👀 WMW 228 - YouTube"
  • Video hosted by Tim Davis, a Jima fan, on the Juna Tutorials YouTube channel (Watch Me Work Live Stream 228).
  • Tim discusses Cloudflare Turnstile as an alternative to ReCaptcha for Juma sites.
  • Mentions the background picture of a snail and acknowledges the video sponsor,
  • Tim talks about recent discussions in the JY Facebook Forum regarding issues with ReCaptcha on Juma sites.
  • Explains his interest in exploring Cloudflare Turnstile to address ReCaptcha challenges.
  • Tim starts the process of installing Cloudflare Turnstile on his Juma site, explaining each step.
  • Shares insights and comments from viewers about their experiences with different captcha solutions.
  • Tim encounters difficulties in finding where to obtain the keys for Cloudflare Turnstile during the live stream.
  • Viewers provide guidance on obtaining Turnstile keys, mentioning the security tab in the web application firewall of the Cloudflare dashboard.
  • Tim searches for information on setting up Turnstile keys and watches a tutorial video for assistance.
  • The live stream ends with Tim still trying to locate the correct settings for Cloudflare Turnstile.

Note: The summary captures the key points and flow of the video, emphasizing Tim's exploration of Cloudflare Turnstile and the challenges faced during the live stream.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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