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Have any of your passwords ever been stolen off of a site you are registered on? In this video we check out a tool that will help you answer that question in the interested of keeping your joomla sites (and your other online accounts) more secure.




00:00 - Introduction

00:40 - Introduction to Data Breach Concerns (Facebook data leak)

01:10 - Sponsor Message:

01:43 - Introduction to "Have I Been Pwned"

02:11 - Checking Email Addresses for Compromises

02:45 - Checking Domain Names for Compromised Email Addresses

03:19 - Checking Passwords for Compromises

03:55 - Additional Features: API, FAQ, and Support Options

04:32 - Importance of Security in Joomla Site Management

05:02 - Conclusion and Viewer Engagement




Introduction: Tim Davis discusses the recent Facebook data leak and introduces the topic of checking if email addresses or passwords have been compromised.

Sponsor Message: Highlights and offers a coupon code for viewers.

Introduction to "Have I Been Pwned": Introduces the website "Have I Been Pwned" and its purpose in checking for compromised data.

Checking Email Addresses: Demonstrates entering email addresses to check if they have been involved in data breaches.

Checking Domain Names: Explains how to check domain names for compromised email addresses associated with them.

Checking Passwords: Shows how to check passwords to see if they have been exposed in data breaches.

Additional Features: Mentions the API for developers, FAQs, and support options available on the website.

Importance of Security: Emphasizes the importance of keeping passwords secure to protect Joomla sites.

Conclusion and Viewer Engagement: Concludes by encouraging subscription, engagement, and exploring suggested content.

This breakdown provides a step-by-step guide on how to use "Have I Been Pwned" to check if email addresses or passwords have been compromised, emphasizing the relevance of security in managing Joomla sites effectively.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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