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Have any of your passwords ever been stolen off of a site you are registered on? In this video we check out a tool that will help you answer that question in the interested of keeping your joomla sites (and your other online accounts) more secure.




  • Video about checking if your email address or password has been compromised
    - Mention of 533 million leaked Facebook accounts
    - Introduction to a site called "Have I Been Pwned" for checking compromises
    - Sponsored by offering Joomla site management tools
    - Explanation of "pwned" gaming term
    - Different checks available on "Have I Been Pwned" site:
    - Check email address for compromises
    - Check domain name for compromised addresses
    - List of compromised sites and data breaches
    - Check individual passwords for compromises
    - API available for service integration
    - FAQ and explanation of "pwned"
    - Option to donate to support the service
    - Importance of maintaining Joomla site security
    - Encouragement to subscribe and receive notifications
    - Closing with appreciation for support and blessings

Monday Maintenance 182


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