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In this issue of Maintenance Monday, we look at setting the #Joomla Session Handler to #PHP instead of #Database - if your server is set up to handle that.




  • Tim Davis hosts Joomla Maintenance Monday Live Stream #003 on YouTube.
    - Tim encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel and mentions a monthly giveaway.
    - The topic of the live stream is setting the Joomla Session Handler.
    - Tim explains that Sessions are used to track user activity on a Joomla website.
    - He mentions that there are two options for Session storage: "Database" and "PHP."
    - Switching to "PHP" for Session handling can improve performance, but it's important to ensure your web host supports it.
    - Tim demonstrates how to edit the configuration.php file to switch the Session Handler to "PHP."
    - He advises viewers to back up their websites before making such changes.
    - Tim shows how changing the Session Handler logs the user out and requires logging in again.
    - He concludes by encouraging viewers to enjoy their Joomla sites and subscribe to his channel.

Monday Maintenance 003


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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