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Some of the IPs I host my sites (and my clients' sites) on are on the UCEProtect Blacklist. In this video I will tell you what that means and why it's not the biggest of deals.



00:00 Introduction

Introduction to the issue of IPs being on the UCEProtect blacklist.

Tim Davis introduces Maintenance Monday #209.

00:37 Sponsor Message:

Promotes, offering a free Joomla site audit and a coupon code for viewers.

01:05 Personal Milestone

Celebrates reaching 2,500 subscribers on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.

01:12 Background on Email Blacklisting

Explanation of sending bulk emails and managing IP blacklists.

Discusses the importance of managing email blacklisting for his own and clients' websites.

02:24 Encountering UCEProtect Blacklist

Describes recent experience with IPs ending up on the UCEProtect blacklist.

Explains the basic mechanism of how email blacklists work.

03:22 Discovering the Blacklist Issue

Details the process of discovering that IPs were listed on UCEProtect.

Explains the implications of being on the blacklist and initial steps to address it.

04:25 Using MX Toolbox to Check Blacklist Status

Demonstrates how to use MX Toolbox to check if an IP is on a blacklist.

Highlights the importance of checking blacklist status regularly.

05:41 Understanding UCEProtect Level 3

Explains the specifics of UCEProtect Level 3 and its wide IP range blocking.

Discusses the challenges and frustrations with this level of blacklisting.

06:33 Web Host Response and Email Blacklist Philosophy

Shares the response from his web host regarding the UCEProtect blacklist.

Discusses the philosophy and approach of UCEProtect, including false positives.

07:46 Community Opinions and Additional Resources

Provides links to community discussions and additional resources on email blacklisting.

Recommends resources for further reading on the UCEProtect blacklist issue.

08:22 SMTP Configuration for Joomla Sites

Advises using SMTP for sending emails from Joomla sites for better deliverability.

Mentions a related video on email deliverability settings.

09:35 Importance of Email Deliverability

Emphasizes the importance of configuring email settings correctly in Joomla.

Discusses the benefits of understanding and managing email blacklists for site owners.

10:14 Conclusion and Call to Action

Recap of the main points discussed in the video.

Encourages viewers to subscribe, like the video, and stay informed about Joomla site management.




Introduction: Discusses the issue of IPs being blacklisted by UCEProtect and introduces the video topic.

Sponsor Message: Promotes for Joomla site audits and management tools.

Personal Milestone: Celebrates reaching 2,500 subscribers on the YouTube channel.

Background on Email Blacklisting: Explains the process of sending bulk emails and managing IP blacklists.

Encountering UCEProtect Blacklist: Shares recent experience with IPs being blacklisted and initial steps taken.

Using MX Toolbox to Check Blacklist Status: Demonstrates how to check blacklist status using MX Toolbox.

Understanding UCEProtect Level 3: Explains UCEProtect Level 3's wide IP range blocking and its implications.

Web Host Response and Email Blacklist Philosophy: Shares the web host's response and discusses UCEProtect's approach.

Community Opinions and Additional Resources: Provides links to discussions and resources on email blacklisting.

SMTP Configuration for Joomla Sites: Advises on configuring SMTP for better email deliverability in Joomla.

This outline provides a clear and structured breakdown of the video content, focusing on the issue of IP blacklisting by UCEProtect and offering practical advice on managing email deliverability for Joomla sites.

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Monday Maintenance 209

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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