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If you are stuck with a Joomla site that is broken and you can't get a helpful error message, here's how to get the information you need.

00:00 Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the video topic and emphasizes the frustration of unhelpful error messages.

00:29 About the Channel: Overview of the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel and Tim's services.

00:48 Identifying the Problem: Display of a typical unhelpful error page on a Joomla 5 site.

01:04 Initial Troubleshooting: Steps to turn on system debug and maximum error reporting in Joomlaโ€™s global configuration.

01:38 Advanced Troubleshooting: Instructions to enable detailed logging in Joomla.

01:56 Locating the Log File: Explanation of where to find the log file in Joomla 5โ€™s directory structure.

02:03 Analyzing the Log File: How to view the log file and find the detailed error message.

02:30 Clean Up: Reminder to turn off extensive logging to prevent excessive log file sizes.

02:40 Conclusion: Summary and encouragement to subscribe for more videos.


Introduction: Tim Davis introduces a solution for getting helpful error messages in Joomla 5.

Channel Overview: Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel offers tips for building and maintaining Joomla sites.

Unhelpful Error Page: Display of a typical unhelpful error page, highlighting the need for better error messages.

Initial Troubleshooting: Turn on system debug and set error reporting to maximum in Joomla's global configuration.

Advanced Troubleshooting: If initial steps donโ€™t help, enable detailed logging by going to the logging settings.

Enable Logging: Set the "Log Almost Everything" option to "Yes" to capture detailed logs.

Log File Location: Log files in Joomla 5 are located in the root folder, under "administrator" and then "logs."

View Log File: Access the log file (everything.php) to see detailed error messages.

Turn Off Logging: After identifying the error, turn off extensive logging to avoid large log files.

Conclusion: Tim encourages viewers to subscribe for more helpful Joomla tutorials and tips.

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