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Do you want to redirect all of your website's pages to your home page? In this video I show you some .htaccess filters and rules that will do just that!




  • Video tutorial by Tim Davis on YouTube titled "How to Redirect All Pages to Home Page Using .htaccess Rule - 🛠 MM #215"
    - Tim Davis shows how to redirect all pages on a Joomla site to the home page using .htaccess rules.
    - Tim mentions his favorite tool for maintaining Joomla sites, "," and offers a coupon code for a free site audit.
    - The purpose of redirecting all pages is to display a message that the client's business is closed, and it's a better method than turning off individual pages or menu items.
    - Tim accesses the .htaccess file in the "public html" folder of the Joomla site through the cPanel.
    - He adds a new rule to the .htaccess file to redirect all URLs to the home page, but with some conditions to avoid creating a loop.
    - The conditions ensure that non-empty URLs and URLs that do not contain "/administrator" are not redirected.
    - Additionally, files like images and stylesheets are excluded from redirection.
    - Tim demonstrates the redirection by refreshing different pages, confirming that they all redirect to the home page.
    - He encourages viewers to subscribe, like the video, and enjoy their Joomla sites until the next time.

Monday Maintenance 215


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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