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Here is a summary of the provided transcript:

- The video discusses the speaker's plans for success in 2021.
- The speaker mentions technical difficulties in their previous livestreams.
- They promote their channel sponsor,, and offer a coupon code.
- The speaker reflects on their goals for 2020 and acknowledges that unforeseen events like the pandemic can disrupt plans.
- They discuss goals for 2021, including reducing distractions, avoiding emotional overinvestment with clients, and lead generation.
- The speaker talks about their plans to build a team for their business, Cybersalt Consulting Limited.
- They mention a goal of 10 new management clients per month and improving their proposal process.
- They also mention cleaning up their workspace and maintaining a zero inbox.
- The speaker plans to focus on adding content to their website and continuing with their video production goals.

Please note that the transcript is quite lengthy, so this summary captures the main points.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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