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  • The video is about checking out the "Add to Calendar" button on Joomla.
    - The video is part of a live stream series called "WMW 199" on YouTube.
    - The host, Tim Davis, is a Joomla enthusiast.
    - The video discusses how to add a button to a Joomla site that allows users to add events to their calendars.
    - The video is sponsored by "," a website auditing tool for Joomla sites.
    - Tim mentions that viewers can hire his team for Joomla-related work.
    - Tim acknowledges viewers from different time zones.
    - Tim introduces a mouse with LED lights on it.
    - Tim demonstrates how to add the "Add to Calendar" button to a Joomla site.
    - He explains the process of adding a script to the site's head section using the "Sorcerer" extension.
    - Tim goes through the steps of configuring the "Add to Calendar" button with various options, including event details, recurrence, button style, and language.
    - He mentions the possibility of creating a Joomla plugin for such functionality.
    - Tim briefly explores the option of adding an ICS file to the button for event downloads.
    - He attempts to figure out how to create an ICS file from a Google Calendar event but encounters difficulties.


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