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In this video we take a look at, and play with, "User GeoIP Location Menu Item Redirect - Joomla Menu Geographical Redirect - Joomla 3.0" by JDEV Extensions, which is an extension that redirects users to a part of a Joomla site based upon their IP location. We'll be testing this plugin out with the help of you, our live stream viewers from around the world!




  • The video is about setting up an IP redirection menu plugin in Joomla.
    - The video mentions the use of the "User GeoIP Location" plugin, which costs $15.
    - The plugin allows for redirecting menu items based on the visitor's country of origin.
    - The video demonstrates the process of installing the plugin and configuring menu items for redirection.
    - The video involves testing the redirection functionality for different countries using a VPN.
    - Some technical issues are encountered during the demonstration, including problems with menu links and caching.

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