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The Joomla Category Description can be used for much more than just containing and displaying the description of a category. In this video we look up, and look for, ways we can use it as a playland inside of Joomla!

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  • The title is "Joomla Category Description Playland! - 👀 WMW 205 - YouTube"
    - The transcript discusses various topics related to Joomla, website management, and using extensions.
    - The speaker mentions a live stream on YouTube (WMW 205) related to Joomla tutorials.
    - There's a reference to a Channel sponsor called "" and a coupon code for a free trial.
    - The speaker talks about Joomla templates, menu items, and menu types, emphasizing the control Joomla offers.
    - The focus shifts to embedding modules within the category description using Raxel module.
    - The speaker demonstrates changing the layout of a category (clean jokes) using the Raxel module.
    - There's a mention of a Burger King joke, and some jokes are displayed on the website.
    - The speaker discusses options and settings related to the Raxel module.
    - The transcript ends with the speaker showing the updated layout of the category using the module.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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