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In this video I try to fix a pagination formatting problem I have on the Basic Joomla website. Yup - watch me work, or more like watch me try things other people suggest, lol! And shoutout to Gary Barclay who won the day, today.




  • The video is about troubleshooting a pagination problem on the site.
    - Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, is hosting the live stream (WMW 114) on YouTube.
    - Tim mentions issues with pagination formatting.
    - He acknowledges changes made to YouTube's live streaming interface.
    - Tim talks about a previous support ticket with Joomdev regarding the pagination issue.
    - He mentions a sponsor called and offers a coupon code.
    - Tim emphasizes the video as an example of troubleshooting and encourages viewers to share their own issues.
    - He mentions noticing a column alignment issue with the "subscribe" module.
    - Tim tries creating a new menu item for testing pagination.
    - He explores the category settings, article count, and layout configurations.
    - Tim saves and restores different versions of articles and categories to troubleshoot the problem.
    - Mary suggests disabling a plugin named "simple access keys" but it doesn't solve the issue.
    - Tim checks the HTML source code and attempts to save it as a file to identify errors.
    - He confirms that the problem is not present when using the Protostar template.
    - Tim examines custom CSS and custom code in the template settings but finds nothing relevant.
    - He switches to the default Asteroid template to test, but the issue persists.
    - Tim then checks for custom layouts in the template settings and discovers multiple layouts for "category list."
    - Gary suggests disabling one of the layouts in the "easy layouts" section, which resolves the problem.
    - Tim experiments with layout configurations within "easy layouts" but doesn't find the exact cause.
    - He mentions trying different layout settings, such as "inline" and "no wrapper," without success.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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