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The Template Module Position Preview Mode is a great tool when you are debugging and developing your Joomla site. It's also very useful for seeing what module positions are available in a web site you take over from someone else. However, leaving this setting enabled gives away info that hackers can try to use against you. How to disable the Template Module Position Preview Mode is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.



  • The video discusses disabling a template module position preview feature in Joomla.
    - The speaker acknowledges technical issues during a previous live recording and mentions re-broadcasting the video.
    - Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel and enable notifications.
    - The template module position preview helps identify module positions on a Joomla website.
    - Using "?TP=1" in the URL shows all available module positions for development purposes.
    - While useful for development, leaving this feature on can expose site information to potential hackers.
    - Two methods to disable the module position preview are shown:
    1. Disabling through Joomla's control panel: Extensions > Templates > Options > Templates tab > Disable preview module positions.
    2. Using a tool on "My Joomla" platform to disable the preview mode for multiple sites.
    - Disabling the preview hides module position information.
    - Viewers are asked to subscribe to the channel and enable notifications.
    - The speaker emphasizes turning off the preview to enhance site security.
    - The video ends with a call to subscribe and a reference to live broadcasts.

Monday Maintenance 055


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