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In this video we see how to send a different email to users depending on the selections they make in in a form designed with Convert Forms for Joomla.


  • Video tutorial on creating an autoresponder using Convert Forms for Joomla.
    - Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, is hosting the tutorial.
    - Convert Forms is a Joomla extension used for creating forms.
    - Tim discusses his experience with Joomla site maintenance and offers services.
    - Mention of a free site audit offer at with a coupon code.
    - Collaboration with Bob Tupner to set up a dynamic confirmation message based on form selections.
    - Steps to create a form with options for liking cats or dogs.
    - Introduction of hidden fields and conditional logic for the confirmation message.
    - Setting up email notifications for form submissions.
    - Customizing the confirmation email message based on form selections.
    - Demonstrating the use of tags to personalize the confirmation message.
    - Discussion of alternative customization options.
    - Showing how to change radio button field labels for better clarity.
    - Improving the conditional logic for the confirmation message.
    - Suggestions for further customizations and personalizations in form creation.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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