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I'll admit to doing things the hard way. In fact, I'll even make a video about it! I've been using the element inspector in Chrome the hard way. In this video I'll show you the easier way I just found out about. It was real "Doh!" moment. The easier way to use Element Inspector in your browser is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about.



  • Video titled "Right-Click to Inspect an Element in Joomla 🛠 MM Live Stream #119 - YouTube"
    - Tim Davis presents maintenance tips for Joomla users
    - Introduction and greetings to Joomla fans
    - Discussion of the element inspector tool in Chrome and Firefox
    - Demonstrates how to access the element inspector using F12 and clicking the box with an arrow
    - Explains how the tool allows viewing HTML and CSS affecting elements on a webpage
    - Shows changing CSS properties (e.g., changing paragraph color)
    - Reveals a tip: right-click on any element on your website to quickly inspect it without using F12
    - Shows how to use right-click to inspect elements and modify CSS
    - Encourages audience interaction and engagement
    - Mentions the ease of testing CSS changes with the inspector
    - Mentions personal experiences and stories related to learning and discovering new things
    - Emphasizes the value of learning from those who know more and not being afraid to ask questions
    - Discusses John Cleese's perspective on institutions and expertise
    - Shares anecdotes about realizing facts later in life
    - Talks about joking about age and accepting one's own age gracefully
    - Demonstrates using the element inspector to modify text on a webpage for illustrative purposes.

Monday Maintenance 119


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