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In this Watch Me Work live stream we talk to's Vinny Hebert about his new Joomla website,, and the process of developing it from concept to completion.

 - Livestream on YouTube titled "(2) From Concept to Completion - - 👀 Watch Me Work Live Stream 008"
- Hosted by Tim Davis and Vinnie A. discussing the project ""
- Vinnie A. is from Vermont, owns a web development company called "Web Help Us" and an entertainment company called "Big Guys Entertainment"
- The project is a podcast featuring old-time radio shows, built in Joomla
- The website is, with different genres featured on different days
- Mondays feature action-adventure, starting with "The Shadow"
- Tuesdays feature a comedy show called "My Friend Irma"
- Vinnie A. explains his background in radio and his passion for old radio shows
- The podcast aims to bring joy and nostalgia, with a focus on consistent audio quality
- Vinnie A. discusses challenges faced during the project, such as adding pictures to tags and changing tag colors
- Icons on the website are from Font Awesome, representing different tags like actors, shows, and genres
- The conversation includes registering the podcast on iTunes and Google Play, as well as previous podcast experience with a show called "Self Talk Radio Show" built in Sub Lud (CCK).

Watch Me Work Livestreams 008


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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