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If you have a newsletter or membership component on your Joomla site, adding a popup subscribe box can increase the number of people creating a subscription or registering a membership on your site. In this Watch Me Work live stream, we'll add a popup subscription box using Engage Box from Tassos Marinos



  • The video is about setting up a newsletter subscribe popup box in Joomla.
    - The presenter mentions his gratitude for the audience's support.
    - He briefly discusses a live chat interaction with viewers.
    - The presenter mentions an upcoming conference, leading to a temporary stream hiatus.
    - In the previous video, he set up a newsletter with a Joomla extension called AcyMailing.
    - In this video, he plans to create a popup subscribe form using the "Engage Box" extension.
    - He describes the Engage Box extension as a paid tool, mentioning a starting price of 29 euros.
    - The presenter talks about the extensive options and features of Engage Box, such as different types of popups, triggers, animations, and more.
    - He demonstrates how to set up a popup, including naming it and selecting the content to display.
    - He mentions limiting the number of times a user can see the popup and the ability to close other open popups when this one appears.
    - The presenter talks about animation settings, including the duration of the animation and auto-close timer.
    - He briefly discusses different box types, including existing modules and email subscription forms.
    - The presenter mentions an option to apply animations to various elements using the "data-source" attribute and the "Wild JavaScript" library.
    - He mentions an interesting feature called "page slide" that pushes the content down when the popup appears.
    - The video covers various appearance settings, such as width, height, colors, padding, and background overlay.
    - The presenter demonstrates changing border colors and radius settings.
    - He mentions the background overlay and the option to disable closing the box by clicking on the background overlay.
    - The presentation covers multiple settings and options for customizing the popup box's appearance and behavior.

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