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In this live stream we are going to compare core installs of Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 to see which is better when tested with the most common and popular speed, SEO, and accessibility tests online.



  • Video title: "(1) πŸ’ͺIs Joomla 4 Better, Stronger, Faster than Joomla 3? - πŸ‘€ Watch Me Work 132 - YouTube"
    - Tim Davis discusses Joomla 4 vs. Joomla 3 in the video.
    - He got the idea for this comparison from a conversation with Mark Deshever.
    - Tim sets up two Joomla sites, one Joomla 3 and one Joomla 4, on the same server for testing.
    - Tim talks about the Six Million Dollar Man TV series.
    - Tim uses Google Lighthouse for performance testing.
    - Joomla 3 scores 96 for performance, 98 for accessibility, 93 for best practices, and 100 for SEO in Lighthouse.
    - Joomla 4 scores 100 for accessibility, 100 for best practices, and 100 for SEO in Lighthouse.
    - Tim also uses Google PageSpeed Insights for performance testing.
    - Joomla 3 scores 95 with a first contentful paint of 2.3 seconds.
    - Joomla 4 scores 100 with a first contentful paint of 1.1 seconds.
    - Tim uses GTmetrix for more performance testing.
    - Joomla 3 scores 99 for performance, 97 for structure, and has a 670 ms first contentful paint.
    - Joomla 4 scores 99 for performance, 92 for structure, and has a 769 ms first contentful paint.
    - Some recommendations for improvement are mentioned in the performance tests.
    - Tim mentions that striving for a perfect 100 on all tests may not always be necessary.
    - Tim discusses CSS import methods and deprecation.
    - Tim considers future videos and discussions about the test results.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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